• Your success is our goal
    today and in the future
  • We offer
    Elevator counterweights Gussolith
    Completely recyclable and environmentally friendly
    Custom shapes
  • We stand for
    individual service
    innovative dynamics
    years of experience
  • We have
    innovative production
    digital weighing technology
    optimal solutions


  • Elevator counterweights made from Gussolith
  • Decades of experience
  • Price-optimized picking
  • Completely recyclable and environmentally friendly


  • Reliable production
  • Digital Weighing Equipment
  • Impeccable quality
  • DELIVERIES ex works from NKS


  • Standard dimensions
  • Custom shapes
  • Optimal solutions


We combine the innovative dynamism of a small company with an out-and-out customer focus when it comes to deadlines and quality.

Our close integration into the long-term sourcing programmes of the elevator industry provides a sound basis for our unwavering reliability.

The type of elevator counterweights that we prefer to manufacture serve to counterbalance the weight of the elevator car, its load-bearing capacity and the equipment that is connected to it.

The company’s stability and growth naturally depend on the gradual evolution of the technology it uses.

The company is based approx. 50 km east of Stuttgart.